Training courses

Rimell Associates provides high-quality audit and technical training for auditors and IT staff. We can deliver courses on everything from basic systems audit to highly technical operating systems topics. This year's portfolio of courses includes:

Web services security

The Windows server family and Active Directory

Network and Internet security

Oracle, SQL Server 2008 and DB2 databases

Auditing virtualised data centres

IBM z/OS mainframe security and auditing

Oracle R12 E-business Suite

Using Windows Powershell for auditing

Introduction to XML

'Need to Know'

Our 'Need to Know' range of courses is specifically designed for auditors who want a fast-paced course that covers just the essentials they need to plan and conduct an audit of a specific area of IT. With 'Need to Know' you don't waste time learning background material or items unconnected with audit and security - we get straight to work, using an audit program to focus on the audit tests you will need to perform and the questions you need to ask when carrying out a real audit. You spend less time in the classroom, but still leave with valuable practical knowledge.

Our course catalogue

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'Per day' pricing - make your training budget go further

We know that some of our clients have limited training funds and sending just one person on a conventional course can use up their entire budget for the year! Unlike most training providers, we don't charge 'per person' rates for our courses. Out training prices are 'per day', so if you have a have a number of people in your organisation who need training in the same subject, or if you can interest auditors in another organisation or a local audit group, you can share the cost.

Fixed price quotations

For those clients who like the assurance of knowing exactly what their training will cost, we can give you a fixed price quotation, including all tuition, accommodation, travelling costs and expenses. We will always deliver the training for the agreed price within the validity period of the quotation, excepting only increases in VAT.