Welcome to the  home page of Rimell Associates, the UK's best-value provider of IT audit and consulting services. 

We can provide you with a wide range of cost-effective IT audit services, such as technical support for your own audit staff, consulting services, and bespoke training courses that won't break your budget. 

Our consulting and training experience covers everything from basic IT auditing to advanced network security.  We can also provide cover for you at highly competitive prices if you're short of specialist IT audit staff, waiting to fill a vacancy or just need some help on a special project.

This year, we are extending our range of 'Need to Know' courses giving you all the essential knowledge you need to plan and carry out an audit, but packed into one or two days to give maximum value for money.  We'll also be launching our new series of case study based courses, where we'll provide you with some realistic IT audit scenarios for you to work with and come as near as possible to performing a real audit.

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