Why choose Rimell Associates?


We have carried out dozens of specialised network, database and operating system security reviews for a large number of clients, and we know where the problems are likely to be, so we can do the job faster than most consulting firms.


We won't use the consulting visit as a reason to find extra work - we do only the job we are engaged to do. We will always do it within the time scale we quoted, and for the agreed price.


We're very well known in the audit and consulting business, and we get a lot of repeat business because we do the job properly.

Skills transfer

Realistically, we can't turn your staff into IT audit experts in just a few days audit work, but we do try our best to transfer as much experience as we can in the time available, so that you can tackle the audit without us the next time.

Client Contact

We pride ourselves in keeping in touch with our clients, and we always try to ensure that we are available to answer your queries by e-mail or a phone call. If we're not in when you call, we'll always get back to you as soon as we can.


The security of your business data is paramount; we take all possible precautions to protect it. Where it is necessary for us to have access to your network or IT systems to perform the review, we use VMware to create a virtual machine for each client review, and destroy it at the end of the audit.


We will provide professional indemnity cover for the standard sum of £500,000, or higher amount if the client requires it.


We're nice people! We get on well with your technical staff, and always try to make the review as pleasant as possible for them.